Motorcycle Types and Usage Areas

Motorcycle Types and Usage Areas

Motorcycle Types

Motorcycle types can be categorized according to their sitting and posture. 

Touring -Long Distance Touring Motorcycle

Designed close to the ground, touring motorcycles allow you to pass long asphalt journeys comfortably. Since it is a heavy motorcycle, it is ideal for carrying goods. However, it is not very suitable for rough roads. There are large wind breaker windshields, radio and GPS direction finding systems in touring motorcycles, which use various technological methods in different areas to make the ride comfortable.

Enduro – Off-road and Asphalt Motorcycle

Enduro motorcycles, which are at the forefront with their durability in the motorcycle class, provide use even in conditions where there is no asphalt or road. It is the type with the most comfortable road fit and vision. The engines of Enduro motorcycles are generally torque-heavy and offer high traction power.

Cruiser – American Long Distance Motorcycle

The cruiser motorcycle type, which spreads from America to the whole world, has high fuel consumption. Torque and horsepower curves may vary depending on the brand and model.

Racing – Racing Motorcycle

Racing motorcycles, which are designed in accordance with track and speed races, also have models designed for the use of the final consumer. This type of motorcycle, which has a 4-cylinder engine, is not suitable for long rides.

Street – Street Motorcycle

These motorcycles, which are suitable for asphalt and city use, are close to the racing motorcycle in terms of seating position. They have engines that are produced with a balanced combination of torque and horsepower. Street motorcycles used for shorter distances are on a bare chassis and have less wind-blocking effects.

Commuter – Transportation Motorcycle

These motorcycles used in the city have low speed, high maneuverability. Cylinder volumes and dimensions are quite small. This type of motorcycle is generally single, sometimes two cylinder and under 250 cc. These types of motorcycles, whose fuel consumption is extremely convenient, are used as the easiest way of transportation.

Scooter – Small Wheeled Transportation Motorcycle

Suitable for urban use, high maneuverability and low speed scooters provide easy transportation between distances. Scooters have only gas and brakes. They are generally single-cylinder. Fuel consumption is higher than commuter engines. Motorcycle handling is different from other types because its engine is in the back.

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