Choosing a high quality engine oil and timely oil change is essential to maximize motorcycle life and maintain engine performance. You can verify whether the engine oil is suitable for your motorcycle with its certificates. For example; If you own a scooter, you should choose oil with JASO MB certificate. Engine oil, which is changed with the periods recommended by the manufacturer, ensures that the engine stays clean, prolongs its life and saves fuel. Dirt, particles, metal burrs and residues contaminated with engine oil are cleaned by the oil filter. It becomes difficult to purify the engine oil that has not been changed on time. Dirty oil causes abrasion, overheating and hairline scratches on metal surfaces.

When Should Engine Oil Be Changed?

The fuel type, climatic conditions and usage area of the motorcycle affect the replacement times. Periodic maintenance period, which should be done according to the quality of engine oil, increases. But for optimum performance, you should always follow your manufacturer’s recommendations.
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Points to Take Into Consideration When Choosing Engine Oil

You can check the performance and quality of motorcycle oil by looking at API, JASO and ACEA values. The newer the production date of the engine oil, the more advantageous a situation will be for you.
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Why Oil Change Is Necessary?

The content of engine oil that is not changed on time deteriorates and loses its properties. Since this engine oil cannot hold on to the surface sufficiently, it cannot lubricate the engine well and causes the engine block to overheat and wear. Even if the deposits formed over time are filtered by the oil filter, micro particles accumulate and cause wear on the engine bearing, pistons and crank. Uncertified and old motorcycle oil can cause engine noise and serious mechanical problems. 

Does Oil Change Affect Vehicle Performance?

Engine bearing, piston rings, pistons and cylinder walls, which are the main parts of the motorcycle, need to be lubricated to prevent metal friction. By lubricating these parts, friction is reduced and overheating is prevented. In this way, a significant difference is observed in traction power, performance and fuel consumption. After the oil change, you can see that your motorcycle runs more efficiently, silently and in a healthy way. 

Can I Change the Engine Oil Myself?

Even if you can easily change the motorcycle oil when you do research and act carefully, you should prefer an authorized service in order to be safe.

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