While determining the route you will go, even if you bought the strongest motorcycle, tires that are not suitable for the road conditions can cause negative consequences on your journey. Choosing the right tire, which is the priority of a safe ride, also provides a comfortable journey. You can create the right driving style with tires that are periodically maintained and suitable for your road conditions.

Things to know about motorcycle tires; 

The first thing to consider when choosing the right tire is that the tire should be in the original size. If the tire size is out of the original size, driving will be adversely affected. 

You can use your tires for a long time with the right usage conditions. If you leave your motorcycle in the sun or in high-energy environments, such as around electrical transformers, they can lose their properties quickly. The average usage time of tires used in suitable conditions is around 2-3 years.

Tire pressure measurements should be made periodically before driving. Tire pressures, which change depending on the weather conditions during the seasonal transitions, also change in relation to motorcycle use. While the moving tire heats up, the stationary tire cools. To pay attention to these air losses, you should check your tire pressure before driving.

You can inflate your front tire pressure according to the determined maximum value for comfortable driving on loaded and passenger journeys. In this way, the best results in braking and stopping can be obtained. Keeping the rear tires at the recommended value will give you a safe ride.

You should not exceed the recommended replacement times for tires. You should replace your tires that have been used or waited for more than 3 years on average, even if they are not damaged or worn. Tires with reduced grip pose a life-threatening risk while driving.

With a quality tire selection and conscious use, you can extend the tire life cycle. You can ensure long-term use in your tires by not disrupting tire controls, avoiding rough roads and avoiding aggressive driving.

Motorcycle tires that show blue indicate that the tire has overheated and gone into the drying phase. In such cases, a tire change will be beneficial in order not to lose the original road grip.

Motorcycle riders over 80 kilos can increase the tire pressure in parallel with the total pressure on the vehicle.

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