Choosing Motorcycles for Metropolitan Life

Choosing Motorcycles for Metropolitan Life

Choosing Motorcycles

In recent years, the increasing traffic density all over the world, the time management of the people living in the metropolis and most importantly the fuel costs have led many people to use motorcycles. If you have just started your motorcycle adventure, we have a few suggestions to help you for your safety and comfort.

At the top of the list of models we recommend you to review; SYM Joymax Z+ and Maxsym TL 508. The engine, which burns an average of 2-5 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers, provides the user with a comfortable ride with its light design. You can get an idea by looking at more models in our Motoart showrooms within the Arti Group.

If you race against time in the city…

If you have a very active life in the city and time management is important to you, you can look for models that will support you and provide strong performance in use. Our recommendation for this is; In the SYM Fiddle III 125i model, the engine-transmission duo comes into play after the traffic pause point, and it transitions to 30 km/h with smooth and full power. For a single-cylinder engine of this volume, it provides a superior performance and reaches maximum speed. It provides safe maneuvers on curves as well as stable on the straight tracks of the road.

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